Windows 7: Removing Skype, Lync 2010 and Live Messenger icons from taskbar

If you are like me and hate chat applications that take-up space on your taskbar even if they are closed to systry  there is simple solution.


SOLUTION: Run application in compatibility mode

To setup Skype go to application installation folder. I am running 64-bit OS so path to my Skype installation is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe".

Right click on Skype.exe and then choose properties.


On Compatibility tab set Skype to run in compatibility mode for Windows Vista SP2. You can check “Run as administrator” option as well.


Repeat same process for other applications such as Live Messenger, Lync 2010 communicator and any other application that tends to stick around your taskbar even if they are “closed” or minimized to taskbar.


So far this worked perfectly for me but if you run into troubles running your applications in compatibility mode just switch it back.  Skype version has know problem running in compatibility mode, however other versions worked without any problems.

If you run into problems with newer versions of Skype there is now a built-in option to do this.

Open up Skype, go to Tools, Options and under Advanced options tab uncheck “Keep Skype in taskbar while I’m signed in” option.


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