Fresh new look for my blog

It’s Thursday 2:37 AM and I’m so happy to write this post on my new freshly looking blog page. For months I’ve tried to do something with my old design which was bit tacky, gray and really related to content in this blog.







I was thinking about adopting some free html templates to suite my blog ,create my own design from scratch or even hire pro designer to do it for me. None these were really solution for me. Free templates are either to simple or to general or in most cases to ugly. Pro designers are bit expensive for me atm and let’s be real I’m developer, even though I know every HTML and CSS tag I’m not designer.

Then, just about time when I gave up BlogEngine gallery offered me great solution. Just what I was looking for, nice, simple, Microsoft Metro looking design. I just moved some things around. Little bit of css editing, little bit of master page editing and it’s done.

It’s still not perfect but I will move some things around as time goes by. Most importantly it’s nice , it’s new. 

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